As reported by The Hartford Courant, March 18, 2006.

Match Day for Med Schoolers

Seniors Assigned to Residencies

Most graduating medical students at the University of Connecticut will remain in New England to train as new physicians after learning this week where they have been assigned to residency programs.

The UConn School of Medicine announced that all but two of its 76 graduating seniors were assigned residency programs Thursday on national Match Day - a placement rate of 97 percent. The other two did not pursue residency this year, officials said.

Across the nation, about 94 percent of medical school seniors were matched with residency programs. About 15,000 seniors throughout the U.S. applied for residency through the National Resident Matching Program, which matches applicants with available training positions at hospitals nationwide.

Of the UConn seniors, 61 percent will serve residencies at hospitals in New England, with 31 percent staying in Connecticut. Of 23 seniors staying in Connecticut, 13 will serve residencies at the UConn Health Center in Farmington.

Nearly half the UConn seniors were placed in primary care programs such as internal medicine and pediatrics, while the rest will train in more than a dozen other specialties from anesthesiology to obstetrics and gynecology.

In addition to the six New England states, UConn placed students in hospitals in a dozen other states: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio and Washington.