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As reported by NBC 30, August 15, 2007.

Expert: Prepare Your Body Before Getting Pregnant

If you are thinking about getting pregnant, All That & More found out some tips to get your body ready.

First, kick the habit if you’ve got one. And if your partner smokes, he should quit or smoke outside.

Dr. James Egan, Chairman of the Uconn OB/Gyn Department said stopping alcohol intake is also a good idea.

Those who are underweight also may have a problem conceiving. "If someone is very underweight, sometimes she won't ovulate on a regular basis, so it would be more difficult to conceive," Egan said.

Those who are overweight may have issues like diabetes and high blood pressure, and Egan said it is best to have them both in check prior to pregnancy.

There's also an over-the-counter medication Egan recommends beginning to take now.

"Folic acid helps in preventing open neural tube defects," he said.

He also recommended visiting the dentist, as some studies have shown a link between gum disease and pre-term deliveries.

Cutting seafood out of your diet is a good tip as well. "It's probably a good idea to curtail them before, because that might stay in the system a little bit longer, and I think you have to check on a fairly regular basis with the public health department about which particular fish you should be avoiding."

As far as the boxers vs. briefs debate for fathers-to-be, Egan said boxers might be more helpful. “If you have briefs on, that might hold the testicle a little closer to the body, it would be warmer, and perhaps the sperm counts would be a little lower, so boxers may be helpful, bottom line."