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As reported by NBC 30, May 14, 2007.

Refrigerator Raid: One Family's Fattening Food Test

NBC 30 put a Berlin family to a fattening food test and that led to a refrigerator raid.

At the Trager house in Berlin, after-school time is snack time and the children, Maddy, Connor and Rob, bring their appetites.

UConn Health Center registered dietitian Linda York raided their cupboards, refrigerator and freezer.

Laurie thinks her children eat very well compared to other children their age.

York threw out white rice, ranch dressing, mayonnaise, whole milk and orange juice.

In the freezer, she threw out cookie dough, ice cream, lean pockets and frozen vegetables with cheese sauce.

York said she trashed many items because there are simply better substitutes.

She said fresh vegetables are better than frozen veggies covered in sauce and high in sodium.

Instead of regular orange juice, she recommends calcium-fortified juice and suggests 1 percent or skim milk over whole milk.

She also recommends low-fat peanut butter that is free of trans fat.

She also suggests more vegetables for snacks and that the family eat dinner together.

Six weeks later, the family said they followed most of her advice.

The family wasn't willing to fold on all the foods, but said they eat more fresh vegetables, lower-fat foods and they try to eat together more often.