As reported by the Norwich Bulletin, January 9, 2008.

Return Home with Memories, Not Malaria

Farmington, Conn. - Pre-travel counseling and immunization can greatly reduce the likelihood of health problems when traveling abroad, University of Connecticut Health Center infectious disease physicians say.

The International Traveler’s Medical Service at the UConn Health Center offers individualized immunizations and advice about preventable travel-related illnesses such as hepatitis A, malaria, typhoid, diarrheal diseases and other communicable illnesses.

“As more and more people are heading to exotic destinations, awareness of potential travel-related illnesses allows for better preparation and smarter choices while traveling,” says Cristina Mondragon, M.D. “A little information goes a long way in keeping you safe and healthy when you are far away from home.”

Visitors to the International Traveler’s Medical Service can get the latest health and safety information about their destinations, preventive medication, and travel health insurance information. Post-travel evaluation for returning travelers is also available. Visits for travel counseling and immunizations should be arranged four to six weeks in advance of departure dates.

More information about the International Traveler’s Medical Service is available at http://health.uchc.edu/clinicalservices/travel/index.htm or by calling 860-679-2411. The phone number for appointments is 860-679-7692 or 800-535-6232.