As reported by the Centre Daily Times, August 1, 2011.

Trio Biking Across U.S. for Leukemia Research Make PSU Pit Stop

By Jessica VanderKolk

Their bikes packed with water bottles and gear leaning against the wall nearby, James Alex, Greg Hebert and Tom Williams sat under a blue and white umbrella at Penn State's Berkey Creamery on Sunday, enjoying chocolate milk, ice cream and cheese.

The three University of Connecticut first-year medical students have taken in as much food as they can while cycling 4,000 miles across the country for Lea's Foundation for Leukemia Research.

It was a return visit for Alex, who attended Penn State before transferring east, and who still attends football games.

The Connecticut nonprofit raises awareness and funds for leukemia and related cancer research. The three students are the sixth group to complete the cross-country trip to raise funds for the organization.

The three flew to San Francisco to begin their ride on June 19. They expect to arrive back in Connecticut by Thursday. They’ve pedaled an average of 100 miles per day and said the Keystone State has presented the most challenging hills, even moreso than the Rockies.

“We figure our first full day in western Pennsylvania was the toughest,” Hebert said.

The three wear Lea’s Foundation cycling jerseys and have received donated and discounted meals and hotel rooms, as well as cash donations along the way. So far they’ve raised almost $20,000.

In Nebraska, they met a 5-year-old boy named Connor, who was in remission from leukemia after a diagnosis at 18 months.

“It was really nice,” Williams said. “Connor reminds us why we’re doing this trip. It reminds us of what our overall goal is.”