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Health Center Today, November 18, 2009

Know Better Place Leading Effort to Clear the Air

By Chris DeFrancesco

Know Better Place, the Human Resources workplace culture program, is introducing a smoking cessation awareness campaign with the online resource “Clean Air, a Healthier You.”

“This is a Web tool with all kinds of helpful information for people who are trying to quit smoking, and for nonsmokers who can offer support,” says HR’s Cindy Couture. “We’ll be updating this page throughout the campaign.”

The resources include information about smoking cessation studies available at the Health Center, useful links, and helpful facts about the benefits of quitting. There’s even a calculator that shows how much money a smoker can save by kicking the habit. In order to assist in creating a healthier work environment, the UConn Health Center is working toward a smoke-free campus.

The page’s launch is timed to coincide with the American Cancer Society’s 34th annual Great American Smokeout, November 19.

Current Smoking Cessation Studies at the UConn Health Center

  • Dr. Cheryl Oncken is collaborating with the University of Minnesota on a study of the impact of exercise or relaxation on postmenopausal women who are trying to quit smoking: 860-679-3136. Learn more >
  • Oncken is collaborating with Hartford Hospital on a study evaluating whether the use of a nicotine inhaler, with counseling, can help pregnant smokers quit: 860-545-4536. Learn more >
  • Calhoun Cardiology Center research led by Drs. Nancy Petry, Willam White and Sheila Alessi is studying the impact of smoking and high blood pressure and the effectiveness of the contingency management approach to smoking cessation: 860-372-8418. Learn more >
  • Alessi and Petry are collaborating on a contingency-management study not specific to high blood pressure: 860-299-5607. Learn more >