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Health Center Today, September 8, 2009

Enhance Your Well-Being Through Know Better Place

By Chris Kaminski

Health topics ranging from heart health to the latest information about the flu is in the forefront of today’s daily news. To keep UConn Health Center employees informed about the most relevant topics, Know Better Place has developed a health and wellness lecture series called Health & Wellness in the Headlines. “Know Better Place is committed to helping employees create and maintain a better balance between the demands of their jobs and enjoyment of life outside of work. Having a positive work-life balance can help to reduce stress, increase morale and improve job satisfaction,” says Cindy Couture, assistant director of organization and staff development.

Healthy aging was the topic of discussion at the first lecture of the series. Dr. Patrick Coll, UConn Center on Aging, provided tips on what individuals can do to age well. Disease prevention and healthy living including regular exercise and no smoking were part of his message.

The next lecture, It’s Easy Being Green, is scheduled for Sept. 14.  Topics planned for upcoming months include how to engage in community service activities, information on money management, and diabetes. To learn more about the lecture series, visit Know Better Place.