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Caring for Connecticut and Beyond

The Connecticut State Employees’ Campaign for Charitable Giving is accepting pledges for 2011 payroll-deduction contributions through December.

Feature Story

Health Center Today, December 6, 2010

Not Too Late to Give: '10 Campaign Winding Down

By Chris DeFrancesco

It’s not too late to participate in the Connecticut State Employees’ Campaign for Charitable Giving.

Even though the official 2010 campaign ended December 3, late pledges will be accepted through December and one-time donations always are accepted.

Last year Connecticut state employees and retirees contributed nearly $1.8 million through CSEC. Of that, $122,560 came from UConn Health Center employees.

“Donations are the key but there are other ways employees can help raise money for this year’s campaign,” says Health Center CSEC coordinator Diane Reynolds. “Departments are having bake sales, drawings and guessing games. The UCHC-CSEC Penny War had raised approximately $1,000 halfway through the contest. The BJ’s membership promotion is always very successful, however we do not know the actual amount raised through memberships yet.”

CSEC is the only charitable giving program authorized for payroll deduction for state employees. Contributions are voluntary and employees can choose which charities, and how many, they want to donate to and how the donation is distributed.

“Furlough days, retirements, and other cutbacks necessary to balance budgets in these tough economic times have affected employees’ ability to give,” Reynolds says. “Unfortunately these cutbacks are also why the nonprofits are more in need than ever. It’s important to remind employees that no amount is too small. A simple donation of $1 per pay period equates to the distribution of 100 missing children posters. And a $3 contribution provides 150 measles immunizations.”

Pledge cards are still available in Human Resources or at