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Health Center Today, February 16, 2010

Record-setting Art Project Involves Creative Child Center Kids

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By Chris DeFrancesco

When the world’s largest indoor collaborative artwork stands complete in a former factory building in Winsted, it will include contributions from some of the Health Center’s youngest sons and daughters.

The "Wall of America" will be a five-story tall, 120-foot long mural paying artistic tribute to the American worker. As part of it, next to the rendering of celebrity physician Dr. Mehmet Oz in surgery, will stand a sculpture made of tongue depressors hand-painted mostly by children.

Children from the Health Center’s Creative Child Center offered their talent on January 21, when the Health Center Auxiliary, which became a contributor to the American Mural Project last fall, brought dozens of tongue depressors for the children to paint.

The Auxiliary opened what later would be named the Creative Child Center in 1977.