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Health Center Today, January 26, 2010

HMS Library Offers Challenging Exhibit

By Chris DeFrancesco

Photo of bas-relief portrait of Dr. William Osler

Dr. William Osler, described as "the father of modern medicine," is among those depicted in the HMS Historical Library exhibit now up alongside the circular stair leading to the Stowe Library.

The likenesses of 10 notable figures in the history of medicine adorns the landing of the circular staircase leading to the Lyman Maynard Stowe Library.

It’s the second new exhibit for the Hartford Medical Society Historical Library since its relocation to the Health Center last year.

"History of Medicine Challenge" is the work of HMS librarian Jenny Miglus. The challenge?

"Anyone who brings me a correct list of the contributions of these 10 people will win a free copy of ‘I Awaken to Glory,’ a book of essays celebrating Horace Wells," Miglus says. Wells was a dentist in Hartford during the mid-19th century and is widely believed to be the first to use nitrous oxide as a surgical anesthetic.

Each portrait is a bas-relief, which means it was carved in a flat surface, projecting only slightly from the background. They were created by 20th-century artist Doris Appel.

The Hartford Medical Society, established in 1846, had been located on Scarborough Street in Hartford’s west end since 1956. Its historical collection of books, journals and artifacts now occupies about 2,500 square feet in the Health Center subbasement (LSB-016) next to Facilities Management. The HMS Historical Library is open weekdays from 1 to 5 p.m.

Photo of Jenny Miglus

Librarian Jenny Miglus holds Dr. Max Neuburger’s “History of Medicine” alongside the display of bas-relief portraits of 10 contributors to medical history.

Photo of the exhibit

"History of Medicine Challenge" is a new, interactive exhibit from the Hartford Medical Society Historical Library.