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Health Center Today, February 17, 2011

Introducing Health eChat

By Maureen McGuire

For busy individuals, audio technology is priceless. The amount of time people spend commuting, shopping or doing housework would be unbearably painful without the ability to listen to music, the news, or an audio book.

The UConn Health Center is trying to make it more convenient for people to learn how to stay healthy by launching Health eChat. “The premise behind Health eChat is to bring health information to the person on the go,” says Chris Kaminski from the Office of Communications. “Individuals can listen to information about a particular health topic at their convenience either from their computer or mobile device. They don’t have to be tuned in at a particular time,” adds Kaminski.

The first Health eChat features a lively conversation on the topic of how to keep your heart healthy between cardiologist Dr. Anjanette Ferris, from the Pat and Jim Calhoun Cardiology Center and Health eChat host Carolyn Pennington. The 10-minute chat focuses on the differences in heart attack symptoms between men and women and risks factors for heart disease.

Future Health eChats will cover subjects ranging from women's health and sports medicine, to discussions about the latest procedures and services available at the UConn Health Center.

Listen to the Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy Health eChat and stay tuned for future Health eChats.