2010 Headlines

December 2010

December 31, 2010
Help with a Common New Year’s Resolution Radio Icon

December 31, 2010
Quit Smoking for the New Year

December 29, 2010
UConn Researchers Use Fruit Fly and Tiny Worm to Study Human Genome

December 22, 2010
New Stem Cell Center Offers Myriad Research Possibilities

December 12, 2010
Pricey Prostate Cancer Drug Not for Everyone Radio Icon

December 12, 2010
Do iPads Cause Insomnia?

December 5, 2010
Acetaminophen and Blood Pressure: UConn Hypertension Experts Weigh In Radio Icon

December 5, 2010
Addressing Health Care Disparities Video Icon

December 7, 2010
New Primary Care Institute Video Icon

November 2010

November 18, 2010
High Priced Organics – Are They Worth the Extra Cost? Video Icon

November 16, 2010
UConn's New Approach to PTSD Among Veterans

November 15, 2010
Facebook Dangers Video Icon

November 11, 2010
Studying PTSD in Iraq, Afghanistan War Veterans Radio Icon

November 7, 2010
Hormone Replacement Therapy and Women’s Health Radio Icon

November 4, 2010
The Destructive Food Relationship Radio Icon

October 2010

October 28, 2010
Is Taking 'Study Drugs' Illegally in College Cheating?

October 26, 2010
Senator Crisco and DPH Announce Grant Recipients for Biomedical Research into Tobacco-related Illness

October 24, 2010
Anatomy of a Cardiac Rescue

October 24, 2010
UConn Health Center Campus to Become Smoke-Free

October 23, 2010
Researchers Question Tylenol's Use for Heart Patients

October 22, 2010
CDC: 1/3 of U.S. Adults Could Be Diabetic by 2050 Radio Icon

October 21, 2010
UConn Health Network Could Create Jobs Both In and Out of Medical Field

October 20, 2010
Study Links HRT to Breast Cancer Morbidity Radio Icon

October 17, 2010
St. Francis, UConn in Collaboration on Innovative Primary Care Institute

October 14, 2010
NASA Imaging Technology Helps Fight Breast Cancer

October 13, 2010
U.S.-approved Embryonic Stem Cell Trial Treats First Patient Radio Icon

October 12, 2010
Workplace Illness in Connecticut Drops; Rate Still Higher Than National Average Radio Icon

October 11, 2010
UConn Researchers Make Breakthrough in Two Puzzling Disorders

October 11, 2010
Researchers Up on Chocolate Milk, Down on Energy Drinks

October 8, 2010
PSA Kinetics: No Substitute for Annual Biopsy in Prostate Cancer Surveillance?

October 7, 2010
Huntington's Disease Video Icon

October 2010
Small Adenomas: A Big Problem

October 2010
Better Together

September 2010

September 27, 2010
Stem Cell Study Radio Icon

September 20, 2010
UConn Health Center to Offer Medication Disposal Saturday Video Icon Radio Icon

September 19, 2010
Understanding Workplace Violence Radio Icon

September 19, 2010
Federal Stem Cell Research Funding up in the Air Radio Icon

September 2010
Rx: One Dosage of Art with Each Visit

September 17, 2010
Malloy Says Stem Cell Funds an Investment for Conn.

September 16, 2010
UTC’s Vitello Helping CT Chart “Green” Course

September 16, 2010
Army Enlists UConn for Wound Research

September 13, 2010
Cancer Prevention Video Icon

September 12, 2010
Stem Cell Work Has Home Here

September 8, 2010
Think Music Heals? Trombone Player Begs to Differ Radio Icon

September 7, 2010
Huntington's Disease Video Icon

September 5, 2010
Studying, Treating, Preventing High Blood Pressure Radio Icon

September 1, 2010
UConn's Doty Has Successful Knee Surgery

August 2010

August 31, 2010
The Stem Cell Debate Radio Icon

August 30, 2010
Center Takes Shape

August 27, 2010
U.S. Birthrate Down for Second Straight Year Radio Icon

August 25, 2010
Stem Cell Case Rattles State's Researchers

August 20, 2010
Tanning as a Teen Can Mean Cancer as an Adult

August 19, 2010
UConn Clinic Tends to Migrant Workers' Health

August 19, 2010
You Are Feeling Sleepy... Unless You Are a Teen Radio Icon

August 13, 2010
Heart Disease Awareness, Prevention Video Icon

August 12, 2010
Cross-country Cycling Medical Students Return to Health Center Video Icon

August 12, 2010
Study Finds More Girls Reaching Puberty Early Radio Icon

August 8, 2010
Calhoun Shows Charitable Side

August 8, 2010
UConn Health Center Performs Breakthrough Aneurysm Procedure

August 6, 2010
Finding the Right Home — and Contentment, Too

August 2, 2010
Q&A with Gastroenterologist Joseph C. Anderson, UConn Health Center

July 2010

July 27, 2010
Halfway Home Radio Icon

July 26, 2010
Health Center Offers Continuation of Sickle Cell Disease Care Video Icon

July 26, 2010
Stem Cell Payoff

July 24, 2010
Treating the Trauma of War

July 23, 2010
Stem Cell Scientist Targets Osteoarthritis

July 18, 2010
Getting Students Interested in Science

July 18, 2010
Governor Rell Announces New Tech Business Incubation Initiative at UConn Health Center

July 16, 2010
New Angioplasty Procedure Video Icon

July 16, 2010
Fighting Cancer Video Icon

July 16, 2010
Health Center Physician Helps Treat Kidney Disease in Whale Video Icon

July 13, 2010
Our View: Veterans Getting Care They Deserve

July 12, 2010
Protecting Your Eyes from Sun Damage Video Icon

July 12, 2010
PTSD Treatment Study for Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans Video Icon

July 12, 2010
Health Center Compares PTSD Treatments

Summer 2010
Saviors in Scrubs

July 2010
Targeted Radiation

July 8, 2010
Connecticut Hospitals Beat National Average on Quality

July 8, 2010
Medical Students Ride 4,000 Miles to Find Cancer Cure

July 6, 2010
Dangerous Heat Video Icon

July 5, 2010
UConn Reaches Stem Cell Milestone

July 5, 2010
Avoiding Unhealthy Sun Exposure Radio Icon

June 2010

June 25, 2010
UConn Receives Federal Approval for Four Lines of Embryonic Stem Cells

June 24, 2010
Inside a Dietitian's Cupboard Video Icon

June 23, 2010
New Tumor-Detection Method: End to Biopsy? Video Icon

June 18, 2010
Studying the Aging Workforce Radio Icon

June 16, 2010
Experts Clash on ARBs Potential Link to Cancer

June 16, 2010
PTSD Study Seeks Soldiers Back From Iraq, Afghanistan Radio Icon

June 14, 2010
Poison Prevention Tips to Avoid Summer's Hazards Video Icon

June 14, 2010
Studying the Link Between Vitamin D and Blood Pressure Video Icon

June 14, 2010
Easy Rider

June 14, 2010
Study Suggests Cancer Risk with Blood Pressure Drugs; Hypertension Experts Skeptical Radio Icon

June 13, 2010
Area Group Looks to Raise Sickle Cell Anemia Awareness

June 11, 2010
Smoking Linked to Aggressive Colon Polyps: Study

June 11, 2010
Tips to Prevent Sports Injuries Radio Icon

June 10, 2010
Update on UConn Health Center’s Future Radio Icon

June 8, 2010
More Medical Care Isn't Always Better Radio Icon

June 6, 2010
State Rep. Roberta Willis Praises Hospital Law

June 4, 2010
UConn Hospital Funding Gets Rell's Signature

May 2010

May 30, 2010
What Causes Back Pain, and How to Prevent It

May 26, 2010
GI Health Update Radio Icon

May 24, 2010
Volunteering to Save Lives in Haiti

May 21, 2010
UConn Scientist May Have Way to Detect Pre-tumor Cancer

May 19, 2010
Study: Uninsured Don't Go to the ER More Than Insured

May 16, 2010
Update on Adult Sickle Cell Program Radio Icon

May 14, 2010
Caring for Our Voice as We Age Radio Icon

May 10, 2010
Heavy Smokers Have More Flat Adenomas on Colorectal Screening

May 9, 2010
More Moms Waiting Until 35 or Later to Have First Child

May 8, 2010
Funding Approved for UConn Health Center's Upgrade Video Icon

May 5, 2010
$362 Million Plan Passes: UConn Health Center Will Get New Hospital Tower

May 3, 2010
Protect Yourself Against Suns Damaging Rays Video Icon

May 3, 2010
Preventing Sports Injuries in Kids Video Icon

April 2010

April 23, 2010
Sports Concussion Education Radio Icon

April 22, 2010
Quadruplets Born at UConn Health Center Video Icon

April 16, 2010
Ergonomic Fixes More About Design Than Cost

April 19, 2010
Spring Sport Injury Prevention Video Icon

April 19, 2010
Seasonal Allergies and Asthma Radio Icon

April 16, 2010
Calhoun Cardiology Center Awarded Breast Cancer Grant

April 15, 2010
How to Make a Home More Environmentally Friendly for Seniors

April 14, 2010
UConn Health Center Gives White-Coat Salute to Dr. Lawrence Raisz

April 5, 2010
Menu Makeovers Video Icon

March 2010

March 29, 2010
White Coat Gala Is April 10 Video Icon

March 28, 2010
What It Will Take to Turn State Around

March 27, 2010
UConn, with Eye on $100 Million in Federal Funds, Gets $8 Million to Rehab a Health Center Building

March 25, 2010
Height Loss in Older Women May Signal Vertebral Fracture

March 24, 2010
CPTV Town Hall Special 'Confronting Colorectal Cancer' Video Icon

March 22, 2010
March Madness May Spell Trouble for Problem Gamblers Video Icon

March 20, 2010
Debate Continues Over Best Way to Screen for Prostate Cancer

March 19, 2010
World Sleep Day Radio Icon

March 18, 2010
Update from President Hogan on the UConn Health Network Radio Icon

March 17, 2010
$352 Million UConn Health Center Plan Gets Early "Yes" Vote

March 16, 2010
Colon Cancer Is Preventable If Detected Early Video Icon

March 14, 2010
Health Center Proposal Merits Support

March 13, 2010
Health Network Would Cure Many Ills

March 13, 2010
Dentists of Mercy: Free Middletown Clinic Helps People with Pain But No Insurance

March 11, 2010
Pediatric Sports Injuries: A Silent Epidemic

March 10, 2010
State Pitches New $352 Million UConn Health Center Plan as 'Partnership' Video Icon Radio Icon

March 9, 2010
Bristol Hospital Happy with Rell Plan, So Far

March 9, 2010
Cognitive Fitness

March 8, 2010
Researcher Discusses the Importance of Colon Cancer Screening Video Icon

March 7, 2010
March Is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month Radio Icon

March 2, 2010
Calhoun: Family, Faith Come Before Hoops

March 1, 2010
Right Place at the Right Time – Woman Has Heart Attack Outside ED Video Icon

February 2010

February 25, 2010
Tips on How to Control Hard-to-Control Cholesterol Levels Video Icon

February 21, 2010
Women’s Heart Health Update Radio Icon

February 18, 2010
Aspirin Beneficial to Cancer Survivors? Radio Icon

February 10, 2010
UConn's New England Musculoskeletal Institute A "Blue Distinction" Center

February 4, 2010
In Hartford, More Than 1,000 Receive Medical Help at Free Clinic Video Icon

January 2010

January 29, 2010
Health Center Doctor Back from Haiti Radio Icon

January 27, 2010
Stem Cell Funding Delayed

January 26, 2010
Concussion Law Considered to Protect Athletes Radio Icon

January 25, 2010
For People with No Health Insurance, One Day of Free Care

January 25, 2010
Lesson Learned from a Scary Taste of My Own Medicine

January 22, 2010
Vitamin D and High Blood Pressure Radio Icon

January 21, 2010
Doctor from UConn Health Center, in Port-Au-Prince, Describes Haiti's Suffering

January 17, 2010
Treating Alcohol Dependency Radio Icon

January 12, 2010
Options for Long-Term Care Are Complex, Lack Accessibility

January 8, 2010
UConn Dean Gets Presidential Award

January 5, 2010
UConn’s Laurencin Honored at White House

January 4, 2010
Medicare to Help with Screening for HIV in Older Americans

January 1, 2010
How to Keep Our Minds Sharp as We Age